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• Quality Components Featuring a High Performance CPU manufactured by Hitachi™

• Generous Warranty Program

• Highly Competitive Pricing

• Unparalleled Service and Support

• Flexibility to Provide Custom Solutions for Special Needs

• Emphasis on New Product Innovation with Over Seventeen System Engineers

• Certified Quality Manufacturing: BS EN ISO 9001 Certified

Providing POS Terminals and Credit / Debit processing solutions, Bitel (pronounced By-Tel) has expanded its highly successful POS business into the North American markets. The company has extensive global experience with impressive sales on a global scale. Now delivering more than 10,000 POS Terminals per month, the company has the experience and know-how to provide cost effective POS solutions that cover a wide variety of credit processing requirements.

World class manufacturing and R&D are the cornerstones that enable Bitel to enter North America with an aggressive pricing strategy, with an emphasis on flexibility and customer service.