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2003 Developed FLEXTM Product for North American Market
2001 Introduced Wireless Technology
May.2001 Developed Ci & Recordable Digital Satellite Receiver
Dec.1999 Developed Smart Card based POS Payment Terminal
Jul.1999 Received Patents for Application In use of POS Payment
Mar.1997 RF Credit & IC Card EFT-POS Terminal
Dec.1996 Voice Mail System
Oct.1995 Transmission/Reception possible pager development
Jun.1995 Advanced automatic Call-Transfer system
Jan.1994 Video MPEG/JPEG system for Video&Multi-Media terminal
Oct.1993 Got a qualification by R&D institute for Korea
Sep.1993 Medical X-ray video equipment
Oct.1992 Audio&Video control system for Kakroke(PATENT APPLICATION)
Aug.1992 Approved 16ch subscribe line card(XEJ CARD)
Jan.1992 Established
(Started system ranged of product designing and manufacturing)